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Potential new projects

  • A new project starring Matt, which would be directed by George Nolfi, is being pitched to the studios. Details from Variety:

    Studios that are trying to fill 2010 release slates are weighing spec packages that would give them either an Adam McKay-directed action comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, or a drama that will reunite Matt Damon with his "Bourne Ultimatum" scribe George Nolfi.

    Damon is at the center of "The Adjustment Bureau," a contemporary science fiction love story that was shopped to studios by Media Rights Capital.

    Nolfi wrote a script that is loosely based on a Phillip K. Dick short story, and he will make his directing debut on the film, which will begin production by late summer.

    Nolfi scripted the Damon-starrer "Ocean's Twelve," but they developed a closer relationship when he scripted "The Bourne Ultimatum." He is also writing the fourth installment of the Bourne franchise for Universal.

    Even though "B Team" and "The Adjustment Bureau" come with pricey packages -- buyers essentially commit to make the movies -- both pictures are expected to have studio homes before the week is over.

  • Details on the source book are at Total Film, based on information from this Wikipedia page.

    There’s no word on what the exact plot is yet – all we know is that Nolfi has been at work for a few years adapting Philip K Dick’s Adjustment Team.

    Dick’s 1954 short story has an intriguing outline: “Ed Fletcher, a real estates salesman, finds out that our world is really, in effect, one big soundstage controlled by strange and mysterious guardians.”

  • An article at News of the world on 22 February stated that Matt was being considered for Jim Sheridan's new film on Whitey Bulger, along with Daniel Day-Lewis. Filming was due to start in April.

  • Steve Peters, the head foreman at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Australia), discussed the visitors to his Celebrity Air-Conditioning Duct in an article at the Sun-Herald.

    His office, a series of concrete bunkers and loading bays below the gallery, is an airy no-frills zone crowded with packing crates, pallets and jumbo-sized rolls of bubble wrap, all of it overseen by what Peters calls his Celebrity Air-Conditioning Duct.

    "She's been signed by everybody," he says, pointing to the duct, which is covered in autographs from Hugh Jackman ("lovely bloke"), Barry Humphries, rugby great Ken Catchpole and Matt Damon. ("He was in the Aboriginal gallery and I just went up to him and said 'G'day Matt, Steve!'")
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