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Hotel Rwanda premiere, more EW

  • Matt attended the LA premiere of Don Cheadle's new movie Hotel Rwanda (also starring Joaquin Phoenix) on Thursday night, but no other O12 co-stars were there. One photo so far is at Yahoo, but check for more at the usual photo sites and possible coverage on the entertainment shows.

  • The first report on the EW interview from the NY Daily News:

    Memo to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon: We get it. You're all famous, handsome, rich and you all had a fantastic time on the set of "Ocean's Twelve." Enough, already.

    The trio - whose favorite pastime lately is to publicly tease one another about their ranking on People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive list - even had a favorite "coffee" bar called Dampkring in Amsterdam during shooting in the Netherlands.

    "We shot a scene there and everybody got T-shirts," Damon told Entertainment Weekly in a cast interview, after Clooney winkingly described the joint. "Friday was Dampkring T-shirt Day and everybody would wear their Dampkring T-shirts."

    When asked what came to mind when he thought of Amsterdam, cast member Don Cheadle joked, "Chlamydia."

    "Who was a dancer at Dampkring," Clooney interjected.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones was not as amused.

    "I loved the private viewing we had at the Van Gogh Museum," sniffed the "Zorro" star.
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