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Mandela Project photos, Adjustment Bureau casting

  • Photos of Matt and cast-mates playing members of the South African rugby team on the set of the Untitled Mandela Project are at Just Jared, and Hello magazine, with more available at Rex, including the first photo of Matt and Clint Eastwood on set.

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • An intern at casting agency Mackey Sandrich has inappropriately disclosed that director George Nolfi is meeting with Jessica Biel about the lead female role in Adjustment Bureau. In an article for her home-town paper, additional information about the character was also revealed.

    I've spent the past few days calling girls to schedule auditions, taping auditions on camera, and calling dance schools all over the country looking for a girl to play the lead role opposite Matt Damon. The role is obviously being offered to stars first. The other day I listened to my boss schedule a meeting with the movie’s director and Jessica Biel. Actors on my level have to audition, Jessica Biel gets to decide where she would like to meet so they can "talk" about the part.

    [Role description] Female, between the ages of 23-33. A dancer, ballet, lyrical jazz... in the movie she must be believable as a ballerina, OPEN ethnicity, that means she could be black, asian, hispanic... she is comfortable with herself, confident about approaching people, attractive and you need to have some acting experience.

    Auditions are happening in New York this week and next.
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