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New project with Ben, Bourne

  • Ben Affleck was asked about upcoming projects with Matt at his recent press junket - details from The project may be The Nine Lives of John Thompson, previously announced in February 2006.

    Question: Does the timing feel right for you and Matt Damon to find a project to work on together?

    Affleck: Yeah, we were going to do something together the end of this year. Then I took the other thing to direct, so that pushed it off till next year. Supposedly we’re doing this thing next year. I think we will. Matt is always pretty busy but claiming that he’s going to try and slow it down a little bit. He’s going to do the Bourne movie and this really cool Mandela movie he’s doing now. He’s doing the movie that George Nolfi is directing in between. He doesn’t mind taking a year to wait. I would love to, it’s great, and we’re both busy. Matt lives in Miami so it’s hard to get a chance to see him. If we work together it’s an excuse to hang out.

    Question: Have you and Matt worked out what you’re going to do?

    Affleck: We have a project but we haven’t said what it is just because of lame political money reasons. This is the movie we’re going to do together and I think it will be good.

    Question: Did you write it together?

    Affleck: No, the script is actually mostly already written. We wouldn’t write it together.

    Question: Would you direct it?

    Affleck: It’s possible I would direct it or else we’d both be in it and find a director.

  • The interview with Ben indicates Bourne 4 is on Matt's immediate agenda, which was previously considered unlikely, especially as writer George Nolfi is preparing his own directorial debut. A few vague updates on the project are at USA Today stories on upcoming Robert Ludlum works here and here.

    Meanwhile, Universal, Captivate and ICM are assembling what producer Ben Smith calls "the jewel in the crown": a fourth Bourne movie. "Everything is under wraps," he says when asked for a teaser. "I mean, come on, really."

    Untitled Jason Bourne 4
    Frank Marshall, the heavyweight producer behind these films, confirms he is developing a fourth one, though it's still in the earliest possible stages. The other two major forces behind Bourne, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, are not yet confirmed. Unlike the others, this Bourne will not be based on an existing Ludlum book, says Ben Smith, president of Captivate Entertainment, which manages film rights to Ludlum's novels. "It will definitely be set up as a continuation of the Jason Bourne story," Smith says, noting that "all of the Bourne films have borrowed a lot thematically and with the characters but have varied greatly from the novels."

  • From an unknown interview with actress Amy Smart (Battle of Shaker Heights), reported at WENN:

    "Matt Damon is very hot. He does it for me. When I met him he was the nicest guy, but being around him made me so nervous I had to drink double cosmos all night." Crank star Amy Smart lists her favourite men.
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