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  • More comments from Ben are at People:

    "It's cool," Affleck, 36, told PEOPLE of his and Damon's enduring bond, which includes mixing and mingling with their wives and kids. Affleck has two daughters with wife Jennifer Garner, while Damon, also 36, has two daughters with wife Luciana Barroso.

    "We went on vacation last summer," says Affleck, who plays a congressman opposite Russell Crowe in the new thriller State of Play. "It's nice. It always has been. He's got his family ballooning, and we're doing okay – it's nice."

    With the two having never veered from their shared Boston upbringing, Affleck observes, "I think it would be the same for anybody. You're friends when you are young, you have a certain life. Then in your 20s you have a different life. In your 30s you get married and have families."

    Given such a perspective, Affleck adds, "It's a different kind of satisfaction being around your friends, the friends you grew up with. They have kids, have barbecues and that kind of deal. That is really satisfying, too. It's one of the nice things about having friends for a long time."

  • Jason Isaacs talked about working on Green Zone, and Paul Greengrass provided an update on how the film is shaping up. Meanwhile, Green Zone has been rated R for violence and language.

  • Clint Morris of Australian movie site Moviehole praised Matt in how he conducts interviews, compared to other stars.

    Look, I love Nighy as an actor - he's great in this film, too - but he's hardly a household name. Where does he get off making such requests? Every time I've interviewed Matt Damon he's chilled, usually puffing on a cigarette (though he's given it up now), and happy to talk about whatever and whoever. He's about as normal a guy as you can get - and it's a fuckin' pleasure to talk to Damon every time he's in the county.

  • Robert De Niro is still talking about making a sequel to The Good Shepherd his next project, and says he hopes to make it in the next three to four years.

  • Matt met Robert De Niro for dinner on Wednesday in Cape Town, and is expected to attend a new hotel opening in Cape Town on Thursday night.

    A Hollywood-style red carpet is expected to be rolled out to welcome stars Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, rapper Mos Def and Bebe Winans. Former model Yasmin le Bon will be there, with daughter Saffron.

    Matt Damon, who is in Cape Town working on a film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup-winning Springboks, will join them, and had supper with de Niro and [developer Sol] Kerzner on Wednesday night.

  • The Cape Argus interviewed some Cape Town locals who participated in the filming of recent rugby scenes for The Untitled Mandela Project - some excerpts:

    Rose plays a Wallaby reserve player and even had to have his hair cut in the style his character wore in 1995. “They copied the bruise Joost had! They went into such detail.”

    The teens recently finished filming and Rose recalled how strict the filmmaking crew was. “We were not allowed to loosen our shirts, but then there was also a lot of free play and the food on set was amazing. I think all in all I got five seconds camera time,” he said.

    “We also had to sign our kit in to make sure nothing would go missing.”

    The set at the Newlands rugby stadium was filled with over 100 crew members and an impressive amount of equipment. “The cameras were huge and we were told: ‘Don’t ever look into the camera’,” Rose said.

    After two practices on Gardens Commercial School field, where the two “teams” played each other, he met Matt Damon, still a little tired from cycling the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour.

    “Matt’s (South African) accent is a bit better than Leonardo Di-Caprio’s Zimbabwean accent in Blood Diamond,” said Rose. “And he was really eager to learn about rugby.”

  • There's an article about the filming at South Africa's You magazine, but readers require a subscription to the magazine to access the text. Some small photos are available at the homepage.
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