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Mandela Project preparation, Bourne 4

  • In a SABC video of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour now at YouTube, Matt talked about preparing to play Francois Pienaar and meeting him for the first time. Some quotes are transcribed below.

    Matt on the cycle race: I’ve never biked more than 10k and I’ve never been on a tandem bike before, so it should be interesting.

    Matt on Francois: He’s kind of out of his mind, which I should have known by reading the script. We were kind of joking around, had a couple of glasses of wine, I called my brother and he insisted that we do it, so he jumped on the next plane and here we are.

    Matt on preparing for the movie: I’ve been trying to bulk up and been in the gym quite a bit for a while. But the first time I saw him, he opened the door to his house, because he invited me for dinner, and I looked up and said “I look much bigger on screen.”

    Francois Pienaar: He’s obviously a megastar but he’s a super bloke. I think more important, I’ve now spent some time with him, and he’s really just a great guy. He’s our kind of South African – having a drink with his mates, having a barbecue kind of guy, he’s just awesome."

  • Bourne producer Frank Marshall wrote on his Twitter account today that Bourne 4 is now expected in Summer 2011, and that George Nolfi should complete the script by June.

  • A female British journalist wrote an article at the Daily Mail about being part of an exclusive poker game at the Hotel Du Cap in Cannes with the stars of Oceans, and how novice Lucy beat her in one round.

    In slow motion Don’s hand turned it. A king. Noooooooooooo! Please don’t let the dream be over!

    Damon blurted out a cheer. Luciana clapped with glee, turned to Damon and asked: ‘Did I do good, baby?’

    ‘Yes, baby, you did good,’ he cooed back – showering her in kisses. Oh get a room, I thought. I was crushed.

  • A short film titled "I'm not Matt Damon" has premiered at the Las Vegas Film Festival.
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