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London candid, Informant

  • Photos of Matt leaving Nobu Berkeley restaurant in London on Friday are at Zimbio (via Splash), Bauer-Griffin and PopSugar. Matt appears to have finished filming the Untitled Mandela Project in South Africa.

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  • There's a new photo of Matt as an inset on the new cover of Empire magazine (UK) for the magazine's 20th Anniversary edition. A photo of the cover is at Lainey Gossip. The photo still is now available at flickr.

    The photographic spread also includes special shoots with Ben Stiller, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean, Gerard Butler and Jack Nicholson.

  • A report on the legal issues preventing the release of Margaret is at the LA Times.

  • Another interview with Joel McHale is here. There are no references to Matt or The Informant in Joel's stand-up show, which I saw yesterday.

    Question: I know you’re doing a movie with Matt Damon. Is there a big difference between Matt Damon and Jason Bourne or is he just playing himself?
    McHale: He’s definitely playing a character. He’s not a cold-blooded killer in real life. Thank God or he’d probably be in jail. I should say he’s not a military-trained killing machine. He’s great. He’s remarkably funny. That’s not what you would think. He’s just a tremendous actor. The movie is a very dark comedy, and it’s called The Informant.

  • And there's a new closing song for The Informant - as reported by Army Archerd of Variety:

    Add this music note: Alam and Marilyn Bergman have again teamed with Marvin Hamlisch to write a movie tune. This one, "Trust Me," will close "The Informant" starring Matt Damon. Steve Tyler sings it over the film's finale and those who've heard -and seen it--say it is priceless!. Damon, whose character steals millions in the film, has adopted a new look--plus 30 pounds and mustache--and that ain't all.

  • A Q&A with stars of The People Speak at a recent film festival is here.

  • A report from South Africa's TV Plus magazine about autograph seekers in Cape Town, reported at Mariah Daily:

    They finally got their picture as Mariah left the resort two days later. While they waited in the lobby, they saw Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, a sweaty Robert de Niro leaving the hotel's gym, Marisa Tomei, and Matt Damon and his family. Matt spent about 10 minutes walking around cooing to his gorgeous seven-month-old daughter Gia.
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