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Mandela Project, Ponyo, Ness

  • A photo of Matt and Clint Eastwood with South African acapella boy group OverTone is below. The group may record some songs for the Untitled Mandela Project, after cast and crew watched a performance in Cape Town. An article on the group's meeting with the cast is here, and a new article, in Afrikaans, discusses the group travelling to Clint's home in June to record. The Facebook page for OverTone is here (including more photos with Matt), and their official site, with examples of their music, is here.

    The Sondag article also includes an interview with Francois Pieanaar about his friendship with Matt and his family. If anyone can assist me in translating Afrikaans, please let me know.

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    Overtone's vocal range extends far beyond the usual boy-band harmonies: they don't just sing without instruments, they replicate the instruments, and the result is a highly creative and engaging musical tapestry.

  • An update on the Torso/Ness project is at IESB. Producer Todd McFarlane has confirmed that Matt and Rachel McAdams were scheduled to play the lead characters for director David Fincher before Paramount decided not to proceed with the project. Negotiations with other studios are continuing, although it's not known if Matt is still attached to the film.

  • The poster for Ponyo, for which Matt has a small role as the voice of the character's father, is available at Slashfilm and AICN.

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  • A photo of Matt and Casey Affleck arm-wrestling is from an old article at the Times.

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