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Sondag article, Mandela Project

  • My thanks to Eduard for translating part of the Sontag article mentioned in the previous post.

    Hollywood-star comes to know Bok-captain better

    The Hollywood superstar was surprised when the door to a Cape house opened.

    “You are much bigger on screen”, was the first words Matt Damon said to the retired Springbok captain, Francois Pienaar, dressed in an apron.

    Pienaar revealed to Sondag how, away from the movie set, he played his role as the Bok-captain.

    The old Springbok invited Damon and his beautiful Argentinean wife Luciana, for a welcoming meal to break the ice. “My menu was a little South African and Italian, complimented with a cooking delight or two I learned in London.”

    It was important to Pienaar that Damon learnt to know him as he is and really lives. They quickly clicked and became friends and plan on keeping contact.

    “We went jogging, rode the Argus-cycle tour, went for meals at restaurants and showed him and his wife more about our country."

    Pienaar summarises Damon as a clever, charismatic and down to earth person."

  • Eduard also provided an official statement from Overtone about the group's involvement in the soundtrack for the Untitled Mandela Project.

    During Overtone’s March 2009 Cape Town run of their tribute show Killer Queen, Dina Eastwood, wife of actor and director Clint Eastwood, attended one of the performances.

    She later booked the last show for a private performance where she, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon attended with other cast and crew members of the Untitled Mandela Project movie.

    Later Overtone was contacted by Clint Eastwood after he heard their version of the song, “Shosholoza” as it appears on their CD “Frequency”, requesting to record this and other songs (including the “South African National Anthem”, the chant “Ole ole ole” and “World in Union”) as a demo for consideration to appear on the sound track of the 1995 Rugby World Cup movie, Overtone is yet to receive confirmation from the production team of the movie if the song is to be used.

  • There's a good photo of Matt with musician Dave Koz, taken at the One&Only event in Cape Town, on Koz's Facebook page.

  • George Clooney is currently filming in Miami, and he met up with Matt and Lucy on Saturday at Matt's house.

  • Frank Marshall wrote on his Twitter page that the new trailer for Ponyo will be released on the July 14 weekend (a month before the movie's release).
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