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Miami candids, Informant

  • Photos of a blonde Matt leaving a Miami golf course on Thursday are at and PopSugar.

    Image Hosted by

  • Columnist David Poland talked to Steven Soderbergh about various projects, including The Informant:

    Soderbergh was particularly excited about bringing the The Informant to Toronto in September, focusing on Matt Damon’s performance, which he clearly sees as a gem.

  • Variety reports that The Informant will be opening in a limited release on 9 September, but that date would be before a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival (mentioned above). The wide release date for the film still appears to be 9 October.

  • Matt was not there, but Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman recently attended an event in Los Angeles to promote Nelson (Mandela) Day, to be held on 18 July.
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