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Email for, Ponyo

  • An email from Matt was sent to members seeking support for a ONE petition asking US senators to support a new bill, the Durbin-Corker Water for the World Act of 2009. The bill seeks to help 100 million people gain access to clean water and sanitation by 2015. The email is available on the ONE site here.

  • The proposed Lance Armstrong biopic has a new script-writer, and Matt is again being mentioned as a potential star of the film.

  • Steven Soderbergh discussed his proposed Liberace biopic, and star Michael Douglas, at the Hollywood Reporter.

  • Frank Marshall wrote on his Twitter account that Ponyo will have a big presence at the upcoming San Diego ComicCon.

  • Matt has provided financial support for a New Orleans school project.

    In one hopeful twist, one nonprofit operating out of Colton has the backing of an actor to find a new home.

    Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools will announce today that it plans to use a $10,000 pledge from actor Matt Damon to start a "Can You Match Matt" fund-raiser. The money will be used to help find a permanent home for its rooftop garden.

    The Rethinkers, a nucleus of middle-school kids trying to get more local fresh foods into schools, planted squash, eggplant, corn and other produce in the Colton rooftop garden, which now has a temporary location on St. Claude Avenue a few blocks away.

  • Another Joel McHale interview is here.

    One of the reasons McHale was attracted to host "The Soup" was its pedigree, he said. Greg Kinnear received his big break hosting an earlier incarnation of "The Soup," and has since landed above-the-title roles in movies such as "Sabrina" and the Siamese-twin comedy "Stuck on You," the latter with Damon.

    McHale joked that Damon was always comparing McHale's comedic talent against Kinnear's when the two were filming "The Informant." "If I can have 5 percent of [Kinnear's] career I'll be happy," McHale said.

  • Forbes lists Matt as the 17th highest earning actor of last year.

  • A sighting from the Miami Herald from last week (posted 5 June).

    Our secret shopper reports that Matt Damon and wife Luciana were spotted standing in line at Epicure on Wednesday. Their purchase: his and hers salads.
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