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  • Here's another photo of Matt in the Hawaiian surf from last week via Australia's New Idea magazine. There's probably better photos in the US magazines. A trimmed version of the article (with numerous errors in the text) is also below.

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  • A quote from actor and tennis player Wayne Martin here:

    Over the next few years Martin’s list of accomplishments were especially noteworthy. He did charity benefits with Ed Harris, Matt Damon, Benjamin Bratt and Winona Ryder.

    "Of all the stars that I was involved with Matt Damon really stood out," Martin said. "He is not only a great actor, he is an even better person. He talked to me at length on a personal level and was really down to earth."

  • From an article at the Birmingham Post about Zak Feunati, who plays All Black Jonah Lomu in Invictus (note the obvious error in the text):

    Well, it's all over, finished, in the can. And it seems Zak had a terrific time.

    But do you remember when the New Zealanders beat England and massive wing Lomu ran over, through and totally destroyed Mike Catt to score? The defining moment of the match.

    Well, it took 17 takes to get it right.

    Seems Zak has to attend five first nights - Hollywood, London, Singapore, Johannesburg and Los Angeles.

  • From an interview with Japanese actor and game show host Rome Kanda, who appears in The Informant:

    Q: I see you’re featured in Steven Soderbergh's The Informant?
    Rome Kanda: Yes.
    Q: I just think he’s incredible, what was it like working with him.
    Rome Kanda: It was such an honor for me. I was not only with Steven -- I was with Matt Damon too. Steven has casted 75 comedians except for Matt Damon. So, which means, this is a dark comedy. I can’t go into detail. But, I can say that it’s a dark comedy and he was amazing with how much he allowed us to do improv because he casted all comedians. So, after delivering their lines, they just started their improv. Steven really loved that. He’s very quiet, silent guy. I can tell he’s a genius.

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