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Informant trailer released

  • A trailer for The Informant! has been released and is available at Trailers or other locations, including First The Apple site and the official website include the image below (best seen as a full-screen picture). The minimised image is from here. The trailer indicates a release date of September, but the release date remains officially 9 October.

    Image Hosted by

  • Matt has been filming Entourage in Los Angeles for the past two days. Small photos of Matt on set with the cast are at Ramey, and one blogger's encounter with Matt on set is here.

  • A report on Matt and Lucy's dinner on Sunday night at Madeo is at People.

    Meanwhile, also at Madeo, Matt Damon and wife Luciana were eating with Jeremy Piven and a group of 10 friends. "Lucy was sitting next to another woman, chatting it up," the onlooker tells us. The whole group toasted, raising their wine glasses at one point. Meanwhile, Damon ate pasta and Piven opted for a veal dish.

  • An update on's campaign to support clean water legislation is at the Huffington Post.
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