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Poker tournament, Entourage

  • Matt and Ben participated in the Ante up for Africa charity poker tournament in Las Vegas on Thursday. Surprisingly, Matt was reportedly the last celebrity left in the main game. Photos are at Just Jared, here, Faded Youth Blog, I need my fix and Socialite Life. Video footage and interviews are at X17, here and here. At the last link Matt is asked about The Informant and says: "Yeah, it’s coming out in October, which is a long way, a long way away. It’s a pretty funny movie so hopefully people like it."

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    Players would drop like flies. By 7:00 p.m. local time, there would be only two tables left. All the celebrities that were in the field, including Nelly, Jason Alexander, and Brad Garrett had been eliminated on the way to the final two tables. After Matt Damon was the last big name to be eliminated, the crowd seemed to disappear as well.

  • Details of Matt's cameo on Entourage were revealed in two articles at TV Guide - here and here. Possible spoilers (includes corrected quote from an earlier media report).

    Entourage has never lacked A-list cameos, and when it returns to HBO on July 12, the show won't disappoint in that department. “50 Cent came and did a bit for us. We’ve got Tom Brady and Matt Damon the next week. The cameos have been just incredibly sick,” revealed Jeremy Piven at the Lakers NBA Victory Celebration on June 18. “Kobe [Bryant] was supposed to do a cameo but he was busy winning this whole championship. I want him back!”

    Entourage returns July 12 with a slew of hot celebrity cameos, including Zac Efron, Tom Brady, Jay Leno and a top-secret A-lister (Could this be Matt Damon, whom Jeremy Piven says has shot a cameo?) in the season finale who pressures the boys to contribute to his charity. Show creator Doug Ellin, who tried unsuccessfully to woo L.A. Lakers’ Kobe Bryant for the cameo, was inspired to spoof Hollywood do-gooders after he was honored by Chrysalis (an organization that helps L.A.’s homeless land jobs) at its annual Butterfly Ball.

  • Entourage co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui discussed Matt's cameo (with LeBron James) at the New York Daily News:

    Since launching, "Entourage" has been known for blockbuster celebrities showing up for cameos, and this season will be no different. Chriqui said this week Matt Damon and LeBron James both stopped by to film parts.

    "It was awesome. Everyone was so excited to have them there," she said. "There was a buzz all day long."

  • In an online article discussing Public Enemies at the Daily Beast, Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein called The Good Shepherd the most underrated movie of the last 10 years.

    Because some of the notions in Public Enemies reflect on what I thought was the most underrated movie of the past 10 years, The Good Shepherd. When you watch Crudup’s Hoover, it’s impossible not to think of Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd and those themes. To me, Public Enemies, The Good Shepherd, The Godfather, and Scarface—both of them: the early one and Oliver Stone’s Scarface—are not only biographies of criminals, but in a way a biography of America—a more overt biography—where Citizen Kane is a biography of the American rogue.

  • The local Decatur paper reacts to the Informant trailer being released.
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