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  • A NY Post sighting:

    Matt Damon, Tatum O'Neal, Harvey Keitel and Sarah Ferguson table-hopping at Indochine with cast members Ben Stiller, Amanda Peet and Jeffrey Wright after the opening of "This Is How it Goes" at the Public Theater.

  • From an interview with Wes Craven, who was part of Project Greenlight this season, at the NY Post. Wes spent the majority of his time with Ben as Matt was filming Ocean's Twelve and promoting Bourne Supremacy:

    Q: What was it like working with Ben and Matt?
    A: They were a pleasure. They were very funny and extremely smart. Ben would be driving the bus and making jokes and he was up on everything. He did his homework and he was really good. He's an interesting and very gracious guy.

    Q: How hands-on were you?
    A: Not that. I was there for all the meetings and choosing. I had dinner with [the director], I spoke to him a few times. But I was in the middle of my own war on "Cursed."
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