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Matt in Chennai, India

  • Matt is currently in Chennai, India, on behalf of the H20 Foundation and OneXOne. Matt was interviewed at the Times of India and is visiting the country to research water projects (more details and a photo at the site). Another article is at Matt previously filmed the opening of The Bourne Supremacy in Goa, India.

    Matt Damon is goodwill hunting in India. Yes, the Hollywood actor and Oscar winner was in the city for a day and a half – Tuesday and Wednesday – before he caught a flight to Chennai. The 38-year-old actor has come to India for a water project in Chennai.

    Damon has been actively involved in a lot of charity work – he’s the founder of the H2O Africa Foundation, which raises awareness about the lack of clean water in Africa. Damon plans to start something similar in India, and that’s why he’s headed to Chennai. "I’m here for a water project in Chennai. I’ll be there for a couple of days. This is my first trip for it. If need be, I’ll come back,” he said, when DT caught up with him, and added, “I’m very happy to be in India finally."

    The interesting thing was that the actor was registered in his hotel as Matthew Damon. There was nothing starry about him, though, and he managed to garner quite a lot of goodwill in his day and a half in the city at the Radisson Hotel, Mahipalpur. In fact, when called sexy, he actually became a little embarrassed. Damon is in India with his foundation’s production partners Marc Joubert, Larry Tanz and Keith Quinn. Talk to Marc about Damon being the titled the sexiest man of 2007, and he says, “Oh come on, he’s such a putz (American slang for jerk). He and sexy? Nah. Look at him, he's’s ageing, man! Why'd women look at him? No, well, I'm just kidding. Right now, he's a man on a mission."

    Damon will be in Chennai till Friday, and will return to Delhi just to take a flight back home.

  • A preview of Mandela Day activities is at

  • A fun take on the trailer for The Informant! is at The Guardian.

  • A late report from the poker tournament:

    On being recognized from Rounders
    Matt: "It depends on what city I’m in. If I’m here in Las Vegas, it’s mostly 'Rounders.' If someone says, 'I loved you in' and it’s a guy between the ages of 18 and 40, I can guarantee you he’ll say ‘Rounders.'"
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