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  • It was announced on Tuesday that Water Partners International and H20 Africa have merged to form a new organisation:, which is a non-profit focused on bringing access to safe water and sanitation to the developing world. Details are available at the site, but the merger is essentially in name only as the two organisations merged (but kept separate names) many months ago. Photos from Matt's recent visits to Ethiopia (in April) and India (last week) are below from's Twitter page and site. From the press release:

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

    Matt Damon, a long-time advocate for safe water issues, explains the importance of launching "Every 15 seconds, a child in the developing world dies from water-related disease. After visiting project sites in Africa and Asia with Gary, I’ve seen the problem and the impact of safe water." Damon said, "As a clear leader in the sector at delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for those in need, WaterPartners was the natural choice with whom to work to truly affect lasting change."

  • The Informant will have its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. This would appear to indicate that the film will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival a week earlier (as has been reported in Italian newspapers this week). Details of the new films announced for the Toronto Festival are here.

  • Emily Blunt has been cast as the lead actress opposite Matt in The Adjustment Bureau, due to start shooting in mid-September. Details from the Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

    Emily Blunt has landed the female lead in "Adjustment Bureau," joining Matt Damon in the George Nolfi-directed science fiction thriller adapted from the Philip K. Dick short story.

    Damon plays a smooth-talking congressman whose political future is thrown in doubt by a series of uncontrollable events and the arrival in his life of a mysterious ballerina, played by Blunt.

    Nolfi wrote the script. Production begins in mid-September in Gotham.

  • Entourage cast members talked about Matt's cameo in a video available with this article (my transcribed quotes are below):

    Adrian Grenier: "Matt Damon recently was a lot of fun, he's a really good guy actually. I was very shocked to see how humble he is," he said.

    Jeremy Piven: "I don’t have a favourite one [guest star]. But like the idea that… we just did a scene with Matt Damon and LeBron James and it was one of the most surreal moments in the world. Two people you would never imagine to be in the same room together."

  • Matt's professional biography (written by his PR people at PMK/HBH) has been updated this week and it appears to indicate that Green Zone is indeed a 2010 release. The bio is available under the 'Presenter' section of this site and had been missing before being updated on Monday.

    Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents. Most recently he completed filming The Informant for director Steven Soderbergh and Invictus for director Clint Eastwood. Both films are due for release this fall.

    Following the release of these films audiences will see Damon reteam with director Paul Greengrass on The Green Zone.

  • In a podcast interview with Adam Carolla this week, Jules Asner (former TV presenter and wife of Steven Soderbergh) discussed The Informant! and the upcoming Liberace project. A link is at this site, with my transcribed comments below.

    On The Informant!

    "It's really good, it's one of my favorite movies he [Soderbergh]'s ever done".

    On the Liberace project

    Jules: It sounds like a lot of fun and Matt Damon has agreed to play the Scott Thorson guy and Michael Douglas is going to play Liberace.

    Jules: That’s what I love about Matt Damon too, because you forget he’s Jason Bourne, he is Jason Bourne, but he will do this other stuff and really put himself out there. He put on I think 30 to 40 pounds and then had to take it all off quickly to do Green Zone. He had to get in super shape."
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