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Matt Damon News Column
Entourage, fake Twitter accounts
  • Kevin Dillon discussed the cameo by Matt and LeBron James at EOnline.

    Who can we expect in terms of special guests coming up?

    One of my favorite basketball players, LeBron James. I love him. He and Matt Damon—another great cameo—came in and knocked it out of the park. They play a couple of guys who are doing some charity work, and they get Vince involved in charity stuff. Really that is hilarious. LeBron's got a great sense of humor. He's playing himself—and it's tough sometimes when people play themselves, they're like, "Well, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that." You've got to kind of have that sense of humor. You're not really playing yourself. He just came in and was great. Matt is a really, really good guy. That's late in the season. That's like 11 or 12, somewhere around there.

  • Matt did not attend the Mandela Day Concert on Sunday. Various media reports claimed he was there, but the incorrect information was based on a press release distributed prior to the concert.

  • A reminder that Matt does not own a Twitter account. There are a number of fakes on Twitter which are clearly false and seek to deceive people who do not check that the accounts are not verified. As a Twitter post by water.org recently stated:

    Matt Damon is unfortunately not on Twitter :( when it came up in convo on Ethiopia trip with Gary this April, he said "What's Twitter?"
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