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New York candid photos

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving dinner at Da Silvano in New York on Sunday with OneXOne's Joey Adler and Marc Joubert (with wife Christine) are at I'm Not Obsessed, Lainey Gossip, Us magazine and Just Jared. The video caption is below. Matt and Marc were also pictured leaving the next day for a meeting at the Clinton Global Initiative office.

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    Matt Damon runs like Jason Bourne when chased by paps after having dinner with wife Luciana Barroso and friends at Da Silvano. Upon exiting the restaurant, they jumped into a cab. However, they hopped out of the cab a few blocks away from their home. Confronted with paps, Matt decides to split with the pack and run home. Matt runs by the camera quickly while smiling and saying, "What's up? How ya doing?"
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