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The People Speak, project updates

  • Matt appeared at the Television Critics Association summer tour event for The History Channel on Wednesday, and provided updates on Adjustment Bureau and Bourne 4. Details from MSNBC and SciFi Wire. Photos of Matt, Chris Moore, Howard Zinn and Marisa Tomei are at Getty, Yahoo and A Socialite Life.

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    Adjustment Bureau

    In the meantime, the actor is heading to the East Coast for a film opposite Emily Blunt – "The Adjustment Bureau."

    "I'm starting work in New York in September," he said. "George Nolfi is directing. He wrote the last 'Bourne' movie."

    Damon said a few other actors have yet to be cast in the film, which follows the story of an up-and-coming congressman and a beautiful ballet dancer.

    "It's kind of a fantastical love story," he said.

    Bourne 4 and Green Zone

    "I just saw Frank Marshall and we were talking about it," Damon revealed.

    The actor, who plays ex-CIA agent Jason Bourne in the big screen action franchise, also confirmed he has been in talks with the director of “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum."

    "I’ve talked to Paul Greengrass quite a bit," Damon confirmed.

    For his part, Damon says he's interested in reprising the action-hero role, but won't commit before confirming the quality of the script.

    "Oh yeah, we won't do it unless it's good," Damon added. "Promise."

    The literary world was able to continue the Bourne series even after Ludlum's death: Eric Van Lustbader wrote The Bourne Betrayal, The Bourne Deception, The Bourne Legacy and The Bourne Sanction. "I didn't read those," Damon said.

    Since a script is still a long way off, Damon has not had to hit the gym to get back into fighting shape. He will, when the time comes, if necessary, he said. "Not yet," he said. "None us have kind of seen [a script] yet, and Paul's still cutting a movie that we worked on, so we'll get together and talk about it."

  • Reports about The People Speak project are from LA Times, New York Daily News,, AP, Broadcasting and Cable and TV Squad.

    On History, the show will focus on dramatic readings of archival material by veteran performers such as Damon (who also kicked in financial backing for the project) and Tomei.

    "It's an optimistic movie because it demonstrates how everyday citizens change the course of history and ultimately you have to reflect on what can you do," he said. "We screened it at the Museum of Modern Art a few months ago. It's a very exciting and empowering experience."

    On pursuing the project for 10 years
    "It was the material. People have their own relationship to this book. I grew up next door to Howard. He has had a huge impact on my life. That's why I stayed involved. From the moment we had any kind of influence in this town, we tried to get this project off the ground."

    On how far the project has come
    "I have flashbacks [to when it was at] Fox... We'd have meeting and at some point in the middle of these two-hour sessions, we asked if [they] really wanted this. [They ended up passing] Then we were at HBO. The concept at that point was let's do stand-alone films and make each one a chapter… Eventually HBO just ran out of gas for us. So, this was the third incarnation, and it's actually the most sensible way to do it."

    On what kept him going
    "I'm an actor. I'm used to being rejected."
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