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OneXOne, new Kimmel skit

  • A late quote from the TCA press tour from the Boston Herald:

    Matt Damon, the Hollywood environmentalist and champion of clean H2O supplies to the Third World, says his daughters "get it" when it comes to conservation.

    "My kids are good about (conserving water) and they turn out lights when they leave the room," said the Cambridge homey. "It feels like the next generation is more engaged. I read to them and we talk about these things."

    Damon said he couldn’t help growing up as a kid involved in politics and environmental issues with "a mother who really believed in being an engaged citizen."

  • Further details about the OneXOne spin-off event in Toronto from the National Post:

    Alicia Keys at your pleasure -- for only $5,000 a pop! The multi-platinum songstress has been confirmed for an intimate Film Festival-timed party happening at the home of Edward and Suzanne Rogers. With all proceeds going to One x One, the philanthropic get-down in September also promises face-time with a former commander-in-chief Bill Clinton and everybody's favourite amnesic spy, Matt Damon.

  • The release date for The Informant! in the US/Canada now appears to be 18 September, but the release in Australia has been delayed from 22 October to 3 December.

  • Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel Show wrote on his Twitter account that he filmed a "very funny" skit with Matt over the weekend for an upcoming Kimmel show.
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