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Holiday pics, various

  • Photos of Matt and family vacationing with Don Cheadle and his family near George Clooney's home in Lake Como, Italy, are at BauerGriffin, The Insider and here.

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  • The report about Matt and his beekeeping past on Wikipedia has been debunked.

  • Terry Gilliam talks about problems with Brothers Grimm and the fake nose story at

  • A lengthy report on Matt's TCA appearance and The People Speak is at

  • Mark Whitacre is the subject of a new book, compiled from interviews with family members.

  • An amusing and snarky recent item from Us Weekly:

    Matt and Ben's double date

    Bon appetit! Old pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and wives Jennifer Garner and Luciana Damon caught up during dinner at Beverly Hills' Polo Lounge on June 29. On the menu: salads, red wine - and an onslaught of fans. According to a witness, whenever someone approached their table, Affleck was extra-friendly, even asking fans where they were from, while Garner, 37, appeared lukewarm at best.

    In fact, it was only when one admirer requested a photo with Garner alone that the actress lit up. (Garner's rep couldn't be reached for comment.) By contrast, Luciana, 33, gladly stayed out of a lot of snapshots, and when one diner asked Luciana to take a picture of him with the three A-listers, Luciana happily obliged!
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