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Lake Como photos, Adjustment Bureau

  • Photos of Matt, Don and families on Lake Como last week are at X17 Online. Photos from Sunday of Matt and family (with Don Cheadle's daughters) on a boat and by the dock are at PopSugar, Celebrity Baby Scoop and Zimbio.

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  • Emily Blunt spoke about preparing for The Adjustment Bureau at the Herald Sun:

    It's just as well she works out then, bearing in mind she doesn't have much time to get in shape before filming starts for her next role - as a ballerina in The Adjustment Bureau, alongside Matt Damon. "I saw my trainer yesterday, so I'm feeling worse for wear today," she says dramatically. "I'm going to dance boot camp.

    I'll never be at the same standard as a professional, but hopefully I'll be able to do a little bit. I didn't do ballet when I was a child; I gave it up when I was three - in some sort of bratty rage, claiming it hurt my feet."

  • A behind the scenes clip for Ponyo showing a scene with Matt’s character is at YouTube. Matt's role in the animated movie, out this Friday, is closer to a cameo than a significant role.
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