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Informant, Green Zone

  • The Informant! will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday 11 September. The date was confirmed (ahead of the official schedule announcement) at the Decatur Herald and Review.

  • Actor Anthony Mackie has been added to the cast of The Adjustment Bureau.

  • Mackie starred in The Hurt Locker, which has been stated by Universal executives as one reason why Green Zone was delayed to 2010 - from a report at the LA Times. Meanwhile, wild rumors about Paul Greengrass and his future with the Bourne movies are in the comments section of this article at The Playlist.

    Question: You have several expensive movies coming up -- "Robin Hood," "The Wolfman" and "Green Zone."Given the new economics of the business, would you have gone ahead with those movies today?

    Marc Shmuger: I don't think looking back is meaningful in any of those cases. It's looking forward and how do we make the best version of each of those movies so they have the potential to be successful.

    Question: Putting aside the success of the war drama "The Hurt Locker," which was a low-budget film, isn't "Green Zone," a costly drama about the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, problematic, given that movies with Iraq war themes haven't done well?

    Shmuger: We were encouraged by "Hurt Locker" because it begins to show signs of an opening in the audience for a subject matter which hadn't existed in the prior 12 months. It gives us the belief that with a little more time, that openness might even become greater, which is why we made the decision to [release Green Zone] in March 2010.

  • A photo from the set of Invictus with Matt and Morgan Freeman is at Rope of Silicon.

  • Guillermo has confirmed that his skit with Matt, likely to air on Jimmy Kimmel Live during the week of The Informant!'s release, is another trailer spoof.

  • More photos from the photo shoot with Matt for Empire magazine in South Africa are here.
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