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Informant, Adjustment Bureau

  • The soundtrack for The Informant! has been released, and the excerpts on Amazon are a lot of fun.

  • New interviews with actors from The Informant! - Joel McHale at News Review, Patton Oswalt at Moviehole, and Tony Hale at New York Magazine (below):

    Question: You're in Steven Soderbergh's The Informant! next month. What can you tell us about your role?

    Hale: I play Matt Damon’s lawyer in the second half of the movie. It’s just a crazy story of this guy who pulled one over on both the FBI and the company he was working for, Mark Whitacre. And to work with Steven Soderbergh was just a dream. And the story is so crazy that he hired a lot of actors who typically do comedy, not for us to make it funnier but just for us to add our quirky essence. There was one time when were all sitting around a table with Matt Damon, and all these comic actors were there and we were all silent, and Matt made a comment like "Aren’t you guys comic actors? No one’s talking. Why is that?” And Paul F. Tompkins is across the table from him and he goes, "’Cause we’re not supposed to be here." And everybody just goes, "Yeah," like, "We don’t know why we’re here."

  • TV advertisements for The Informant! have commenced and include positive quotes from the Playboy review (previously posted) and Elle magazine. Toronto Film Festival screening details are now available at the official site

  • A new Emily Blunt interview is at the Daily Telegraph.

  • The latest Bourne 4 rumors are here.

  • A sighting of Matt and Lucy at a Miami restaurant on Tuesday night is at the Miami Herald.
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