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Informant press, Adjustment Bureau

  • Matt discussed Steven Soderbergh's take on The Informant! at Newsday's fall preview:

    The film plays as dark comedy, Soderbergh centering on the absurdity of Whitacre's deceitful, vainglorious cooperation with his FBI handlers.

    "Steven really kind of set on this idea of him being the most unreliable narrator. There's information in the book that's just kind of doled out slowly, where you go, 'Wait a minute, something's not quite right,'" Damon said. "It's sort of the liar who keeps saying, 'OK, now I'm telling you everything.'"

  • The press junket for The Informant! will be held in Los Angeles from Monday. Photos of a smiling Matt arriving in LA on Saturday are at PopSugar.

  • Anthony Mackie discussed his role in The Adjustment Bureau at the New York Daily News:

    Anthony Mackie is about to shoot a suspense thriller, "The Adjustment Bureau," with Matt Damon in NYC — and he may just give the A-lister a run for his money. "For the opening scene, they have me running from 27th to 14th St.," says the "We Are Marshall" star. "Every day, for a week, I'll be running 13 blocks over and over until we get it right. You won't see Matt doing that!"

  • The announcement of Matt's American Cinematheque honor has sparked considerable debate - including this post at Awards Daily.
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