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Venice Film Festival, sightings

  • Photos of Matt at a press call for The Informant! at the Venice Film Festival are below, from Yahoo. Photos of Matt and Lucy in St Mark's Square, Venice, on Sunday night are at CelebMad, Just Jared, I'm Not Obsessed and (below).

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  • New stills from The Informant! are at this site. The film will premiere in Venice tonight.

  • Two sightings of Matt in Los Angeles last week are from the New York Post and LA

    Sighting: Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman at a back table in the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge being interviewed by Parade Editor-in-Chief Janice Kaplan.

    Wilshire. "Hey...I was at Wilshire in Santa Monica tonight for the Sunday BBQ (8/30) and Don Cheadle and Matt Damon were both there with their families in tow chowing down on the bbq offerings!"

  • From the fall movie preview at the Chicago Sun-Times by Cindy Perlman:

    Quick pointer: Damon, who lost weight years ago for "Courage Under Fire," now got to eat some burgers to pack on 30 pounds for the role of a Midwestern guy who likes a little fat around the middle. "It's so hard to lose, but amazing if you start drinking beer how quickly you can see that scale go up and your pants not fitting anymore," says Damon, who also loved to down McDonald's as a snack with a bag of Doritos. Hello, Oscar! Hello, Jenny Craig!

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  • Details of this OneXOne Toronto fundraiser from The Star. Matt will still be hosting the concert with Mary J Blige. The OneXOne website has also been updated with new content.

    Case in point: Last year Roick's company McNabb Roick & Associates threw the festival's most high-profile soiree. The One X One fundraiser for 800 guests used Maple Leaf Gardens as a dinner venue for the first time. Hosted by The Bourne Identity star Matt Damon, the event raised funds for children's charities.

    While a concert is still planned for the charity this year, the dinner portion is dramatically slimmed down to about 200 people with a cocktail party held in a private residence, Roick says.
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