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  • A People magazine article about Matt's preparation for The Departed includes a new quote from brother Kyle. Filming is expected to commence on Monday 4 April.

    Matt Damon undercover cop

    To research his role as an Irish gangster who infiltrates the Boston police department in Martin Scorsese's drama The Departed, Matt Damon recently rode along with some members of the Massachusetts police force. For three days, the actor got pointers from the gang and drug units. "We showed him frisk tactics and pat downs--and no, we didn't try them on him," says State Police Sgt. Daniel Risteen. "He seemed like he had a pretty good working knowledge [already]. Things weren't going over his head." On his last night, the Oscar winner watched from an unmarked state trooper cruiser as detectives arrested three suspects and recovered about $1,000 in drug money and paraphernalia. Says Matt's older brother Kyle: "He promises me that he wore a Kevlar vest."

  • And some quotes from a late People story about ShoWest. I can't view the whole article, so there may be other references to Matt.

    Accepting his award, Damon dropped a hint to Star Wars director George Lucas: I'm available for [episodes] seven, eight and nine. How did George Clooney, Damon's costar in the thriller Syriana, cope with packing on 30 lbs. for the role? Not well, said Damon. George isn't a very vain guy, but he is a very active guy. I think it depressed him to be forced to not [exercise]. Then you have to take it off. And he's 50, and when you do that at the age of 50...

  • Details of another new and talented cast member for The Departed from The Scotsman.

    [Peter] Mullan - you read it here first, off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush - is being lined up for the next Martin Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio movie, Infernal Affairs, which will also star Matt Damon and the ageing bacon himself, Jack Nicholson. It's a remake of Wu Jian Duo’s Hong Kong movie, transferred to corrupt Irish cops in Boston.

  • Matt may attend the premiere of the new Farrelly brothers film Fever Pitch at Fenway Park on 6 April. Press release here.
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