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Clinton Global Initiative, Cinematheque award

  • Matt will attend the Clinton Global Initiative again this year - a report from Variety:

    Former President Bill Clinton's Clinton Global Initiative starts on Tuesday with a list of celebrity participants to rival Davos: Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Alicia Keys, Goldie Hawn, Barbra Streisand, Fran Drescher and Usher, to name just a few. Matt Damon will have a dual role as a participant and to shoot a scene for his upcoming movie "The Adjustment Bureau."

    But Clinton also is securing commitments from some entertainment figures --- just as he has with CEOs, philanthropists and world leaders who are attending the confab.

    Damon's commitment, for instance, is on behalf of, a non profit he co-founded: "Over a three year period,’s new commitment will bring safe drinking water and sanitation to a minimum of 50,000 people, helping decrease the prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases. It will also enhance awareness of good hygiene practices among local communities, and focus on integrating sustainable water resources management into community practices."

  • The Informant! did well at the weekend box-office - from USA Today:

    Matt Damon also benefited this weekend from the crush of suspense movies. His comedy The Informant! was a surprise No. 2 with $10.5 million, thanks largely to strong reviews.

  • The photo below of Matt and Lucy leaving a restaurant in Toronto during the festival was from

    Image Hosted by

  • A report on one local's encounter with Matt during filming of The Informant! in Decatur is here. A tribute to Matt's mustache in the movie is at NPR.

  • Steven Soderbergh discussed working with Matt as part of a lengthy interview at First

    Question: On the flip side with Matt again, you seem to be pushing him in terms of continuing to develop his own acting skills especially with The Informant because what I see too often nowadays is an actor just playing himself as an actor, whereas in this he's really becoming Mark and becoming a specific character, and that's a credit to both of you working together so much.

    Soderbergh: Well, that's Matt wanting to expand his experience as an actor and you got to give him credit for that. A lot of people, not just actors, a lot of people get frozen in the moment of their first success and they're very afraid of doing anything that will screw around with that, and Matt and George [Clooney] are the kind of people that are — they're too intellectually restless to get stuck like that. They're interested in too many things and they're not– they both feel very lucky that they've been successful as actors but they don't sort of feel tethered to any particular persona or kind of film and they're not worried about whether people will follow them or not, and that's what you want. You want somebody who's kind of fearless and we look at the complete transformation that Matt goes through in this. You're seeing somebody who sort of jumps off the cliff and doesn't look back, and that's what you want.

  • A press release on Matt's American Cinematheque Award is here, including:

    In a broadcast television first, the American Cinematheque Award comes to ABC when it honors Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon at the Cinematheque's annual benefit gala. The presentation takes place Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel's International Ballroom in Beverly Hills and will air as a special, "Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque Tribute," on the ABC Television Network at a later date.

    "The American Cinematheque is extremely pleased to honor Matt Damon at our celebration next year" said Rick Nicita, Chairman of the American Cinematheque. "Matt is the epitome of an American Cinematheque award honoree in that he is currently making an extraordinary contribution to the art of the motion picture, yet, his career best may be yet to come. Already he has garnered an Academy Award for screenwriting, as well as leading roles in two major movie franchises, the Bourne' and Oceans' series. His choice of projects ranges from daring independents to commercial megahits, which have been received with both public and critical acclaim. We look forward to marking a milestone in the flourishing career of one of our greatest young stars, Matt Damon."

  • A report from an extra on the set of The Adjustment Bureau last week is here.
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