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  • Matt and Gary White of were the opening speakers at the Clinton Global Initiative on Tuesday as they announced a new initiative in Haiti. Reports and video are at, PR Newswire, or the updated site at Photos are from Yahoo, PopSugar, Just Jared and Premiere.

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    Today at the opening plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White announced the organization's $2 million commitment to provide 50,000 people in Haiti with safe water and sanitation over the next three years. As part of the commitment, has also launched a social media campaign so that anyone can participate in meeting the water challenge in Haiti.

  • Bill Clinton praised the work of Matt and on the Larry King program on CNN recently:

    KING: Did Global Initiative get involved in health?
    CLINTON: Absolutely. We do a lot of work on health. But keep in mind, we do most of our work on health among low income people in America who need basic health care and in developing parts of the world, where, you know, like my foundation does, too.

    We give two thirds of the poor children in the world who get AIDS medicine get it through our health contracts and our foundation. Half of all the adults get it through our contract. So -- and the Global Initiative has done an amazing amount of work on clean water, particularly.

    Matt Damon, the actor, is a very, very serious leader in this global clean water endeavor. It's really impressive, since a billion people never get to drink a clean glass of water. It's a huge deal. And -- and if global warming continues, there will be, relatively speaking, less water per person. And you're going to have huge problems over water.

  • Photos of Matt and co-star Anthony Mackie on the set of The Adjustment Bureau are at PopSugar, Us magazine and People. Mackie also attended the premiere of The Informant! in New York last week.

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  • The Informant! co-star Jayden Lund discussed working with Matt in Decatur at the Argus Leader:

    Thinking back on "The Informant!" shoot, Lund shifts attention away from himself to talk about how impressed he was with how Matt Damon handled co-actors and fans, especially one rainy day during a shoot in Decatur, Ill.

    "There were about 65 people standing in the rain all day just waiting to get an autograph from him. He felt so bad that he went out there and made sure that everyone got an autograph," Lund said. "I don't know too many big names that would do that."

  • There may be a new PSA video with Matt and Adrian Grenier filmed on the set of Entourage - a report is here.
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