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  • As previously advised, a new video has been released to promote Matt's upcoming appearance on Entourage. It's clearly a spoof (fake) and there may be a second video to follow, according to this site.

    OK, Gossip Cop can tell you that not only is that bit – which does promote his charity – on the show "Entourage," but it’s also just the first part of a two-tiered gag.

  • Matt narrated a video regarding a new global food security initiative that was released by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the final session of the Clinton Global Initiative. The video, which was produced by Goodspot in collaboration with the US Department of State, is available here, and Secretary Clinton's speech relating to the video is available here.

    Clinton: The short film you just saw narrated by Matt Damon is just a snapshot of what is happening right now. And it does serve as a visual punch to the words that I will share with you today. And I hope that it stays with you. As we roll out our food security initiatives in the Administration, we will be looking to work with the countries represented here and many of the organizations.

  • A long discussion by journalist David Poland with Steven Soderbergh is available in MP3 format at this link.

  • In this Spanish interview Matt talks about the Liberace movie, working with friends and moving away from Miami. Can anyone confirm that Matt says he didn't have many friends in Miami, or is that a translation error?

    Q: The film fits into the economic collapse that has affected the world. Is the crisis affecting you or is a mere anecdote to Matt Damon?
    A: Of course it has affected me because now it is very difficult to find investors who want to take risks to make films. The money has dried up, there is no no credit and that affects us all. Steven and I expect next year to film 'Liberace', in which Michael Douglas plays the protagonist and I would be his lover, but obviously this is not a topic on which people want to spend money.

    Q: Are you saying that in your next film will you have sex scenes with Michael Douglas?
    A: Yes, but it's not a porn movie (laughs). Richard LaGravenese wrote a script based on the book 'Behind The Candleabra', and now we need thirty million dollars to do it.

    Q: You have your own guild in Hollywood. Steven, Clooney, Ben Affleck, you always work with the same people.
    A: Yes, certainly. I like working with my friends because I know we have something in common and I will have a good time. It is not only work, and I will also have the opportunity to enjoy their company.

    Q: How has fatherhood changed you?
    A: Completely and in a wonderful way. Now I have three children and my priorities have changed. I do not want to work 16 or 18 hours for four months, now I want to spend time with my family.

    Q: You no longer live in Miami and have moved to New York.
    A: Yes, because more of my work is based in New York. Miami was a good place to stay away from the public eye, but we did not have many friends. I prefer to live in Manhattan.

    Original text for the last question:
    P: Ha dejado de vivir en Miami y se ha trasladado a Nueva York.
    R: Sí, porque mi trabajo se desarrolla más en Nueva York. Miami estuvo bien para mantenernos apartados del ojo público, pero no teníamos muchos amigos... Yo prefiero vivir en Manhattan.
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