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Matt Damon News Column
Entourage, Adjustment Bureau
  • The fake/spoof clip of Matt directing Adrien Grenier for a onexone.org PSA was shown as a longer four minute video after last Sunday's episode of Entourage. The preview for next week's episode does not mention Matt's appearance, but there's a still on the official website (below). There's also a new page for Entourage on the OneXOne website. The full four-minute clip isn't yet available online, but is available on repeat episodes of the show on HBO, or on HBO On Demand. The recent Toronto fundraiser with Bill Clinton for OneXOne raised over a million dollars for the charity.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • Photos of Matt and Emily Blunt on the set of The Adjustment Bureau in New York are at X17, PopSugar and OK magazine. Ellen Barkin met Matt on set, leading to this report in the New York Post.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Ellen Barkin seemed to have a flashback when she met Matt Damon as she was heading home the other day on West 12th Street, where Damon was filming a scene for "The Adjustment Bureau," based on a Philip K. Dick story. Barkin played a cougar who tried to seduce Damon in "Ocean's Thirteen." After a brief chat on the street, Barkin, in a Mae West moment, rubbed Damon's head, and said, "Come on over and see me after you finish," nodding to the building where she lives. Damon laughed and went back to work.

  • A contestant wrongly selected Matt as the answer to the final question on the Australian version of Who wants to be a millionaire? and lost a million dollars.
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    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: September 29th, 2009 12:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Hereafter extra auction

    For those interested, there's a current ebay auction underway (to benefit the Best Friends animal charity) offering a featured extra role on 'Hereafter', to film in either London or San Francisco.

    From: (Anonymous) Date: September 30th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC) (Link)

    LOL @ Ellen Barkin

    Ellen wishes she could get Matt to come up to her apartment, lol.
    Lucy aint havin' that! Matt knows better. Can't wait until the Adjustment Bureau comes out. Its been a while since Matt has had a romantic role of any kind.


    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: September 30th, 2009 08:35 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: LOL @ Ellen Barkin

    I didn't include on the site the photos of Ellen touching Matt's head and then hugging him, but they're available in the links. You can almost see the flirt via the photos.

    Adjustment Bureau appears to have been written for Matt by his friend George Nolfi and it plays off his strengths perfectly (from my reading of the script). He's romantic, charismatic, charming, intelligent, and cares about Starbucks and Darfur. Even based on the photos from the set you can tell he is being dressed perfectly and will play the on the rise politician well.

    I'm not so convinced about Nolfi's abilities as a director, but Matt has faith in him. (Remember the Premiere note of a few years ago that Matt vowed never to work with an inexperienced director again after Doug Liman.) He must have confidence in him (but still isn't afraid to tell him of the 15 second direction rule)...
    From: (Anonymous) Date: September 30th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: LOL @ Ellen Barkin

    I'm not a fan of NOlfi's writing either. Ocean's 12 was all over the place and the Sentinel started off really really good and then fell flat as a pancake midpoint. His directing is also a big fat question mark.
    I hope Matt does have a lot of input because he knows what works. Once the movie is done I hope its not shelved for a long time. I really was excited to see that movie Margaret because Matt was playing a teacher. That's something different for him. However, the movie will probably never see the light of day.

    Matt looks so hot and handsome in the pictures for Adjustment Bureau. I think Emily Blunt was the right choice.
    From: (Anonymous) Date: October 4th, 2009 11:52 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: LOL @ Ellen Barkin

    Why do you think Lucy travels wherever Matt goes? She's no fool. Ellen Barkin and women just like her are everywhere.
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: October 2nd, 2009 02:19 am (UTC) (Link)

    Long version of fake PSA

    The long version of the Entourage fake PSA which aired after the Entourage episode last week is finally at YouTube:

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    8 comments or Leave a comment