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Parade interview

  • Matt will be featured in Parade magazine this week to promote America's Giving Challenge. More details about the initiative, including a video with Matt, are available at this site.

    PARADE will help launch the America's Giving Challenge 2009 with a cover story on October 11 by Matt Damon. In addition to being a Hollywood superstar, Damon is also a passionate philanthropist. In his PARADE article, he encourages the magazine's 73 million readers to "find out what you can do to make a difference. Take five minutes to educate yourself on an issue you didn't know about before. Then tell somebody else. Or make a small donation, if you can. Every dollar counts."

    Participants can register to compete in the Giving Challenge, view details and donate to a cause they care about at

  • Steven Soderbergh discussed the upcoming Liberace biopic at MTV.

    "It's told from the perspective of Scott," Soderbergh said of the film, which he hopes to begin shooting sometime soon. "We have this framing device in which he's laying [the story] out for us. As a narrator, it feels like he has an agenda — and then when you get to the ending you realize, 'Oh, it's not what I thought.'

    "It's pretty crazy," Soderbergh said of the film's tone. "I don't think it's a comedy, but it's pretty funny because the environment and the lifestyle are so extreme that even just having these guys carry on a quote-unquote 'normal' conversation in one of these rooms wearing the clothes that they wore, it's hard to look at that and take it at face value.

    "I think it's going to be really funny," he said of the flick that will reunite him with "The Informant!" star Damon, and set the actor and Douglas amid an array of candles, pianos, diamonds and other Liberace hallmarks. "It lands in a really unexpected way. The ending is surprisingly emotional. It will be unexpected. It ends really, really well.

    "I'm really excited about it," he added. "Those guys are going to be amazing."

  • A new interview with Matt for The Informant! is at Moviehole, including:

    How did you feel when you looked at yourself in the mirror?
    I thought it was a blast and my wife liked it when I paraded around with my belly hanging out. And actors don't usually get to eat just what they want, but for this film I'd be at home all day drinking beer and eating pizza. My wife would walk in and look at me stuffing my face and I'd just go, ‘Hey, I'm working here!'

    Do you have a preference for making big blockbusters like the Bourne films or more character-based pieces like The Informant!?
    I just want there to be space for both. A lot of the edgier stuff certainly seems to have gone to TV and it seems like films have to get bigger and bigger in order to get people to theaters. But I think if you keep to a certain budget and don't take too long to shoot it, there is still room for more thoughtful films like this one.

  • A new song by Shakira titled Men in this town includes the following lyrics:

    Is there a prince in this fable
    For a small town girl like me?
    The good ones are gone or not able…
    and Matt Damon’s not meant for me
    Damon’s not meant for me (Damnit!)

  • Matt celebrated his 39th birthday on the set of The Adjustment Bureau overnight during a late shoot. About 200 extras, cast and crew sang to him and celebrated with a chocolate cake, with Lucy reportedly also on set.
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