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Parade, Hamlet

  • The article Matt wrote for Parade magazine on the importance of giving and his charitable efforts is now available - photos from the site and an excerpt below.

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    I’ve taken a lot of trips in the last few years to places like Africa and India and Haiti to try to learn what conditions are like. You can read about extreme poverty and possible solutions, but it’s really powerful when you get to meet the people and shake their hands and listen to their stories. I try to keep my trips short because my kids are so young that my wife, Lucy, can’t come. We don’t like to be separated, but we both feel it’s so important to learn about these things. There’s so much I don’t know. In the future, I know these trips are something we’ll do as a family.

  • Parade's Janice Kaplan wrote about her meeting with Matt and his commitment to the article in this story, including:

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    OK, Matt is handsome and charming—I’ll give you that. But he is also incredibly smart and thoughtful and deeply sincere. Instead of looking at problems from a distance, he is hands-on involved in the charities he supports. And he has gotten personally involved in charities that try to bring help—and hope—to those who need it most.

    Matt Damon has huge talent. He also has an enormous heart, a generous soul, and an understanding of how to make the world a better place.

    In general, actors shouldn’t have to be role models or heroes. But Matt Damon wants to use his talent for a bigger purpose.

    If you’re looking for a role model, he’s a good one.

  • Matt and Ben have been found to be tenth cousins once removed.

    We know that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are BFFs, but as it turns out, they’re actually related!

    The New England Historic Genealogical Society yesterday revealed that the Cambridge homeys are actually 10th cousins once removed. They share a common 10th great-grandfather, William Knowlton of Ipswich, a bricklayer who died in 1655.

  • A fun report on Matt's Entourage cameo.

    Ultimately, the real winner of the finale was Matt Damon, who appeared as a maniacal version of himself to threaten Vince (lead Adrian Grenier) into donating to his real-life charity, OneXOne.

    At one point, Damon even streamed video of the king of philanthropy, Bono, castigating Vince for his “measly” $10,000 check. “It’s for the children, man,” sneers the rock star.

    The emotions of the four regular cast members generally range from nonchalant to indifferent, but in his relatively minor cameo, Matt Damon shows us rational, livid, hysterical, remorseful, and embarrassed. And that’s why he has an academy award.

  • On the evening of his birthday Matt and Lucy attended a performance of Jude Law's play Hamlet. Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving by the stage door after meeting with Jude are here, with a brief report at Papermag.

    In related news, I stepped out during intermission and Mr. Mickey had emailed me that that he was over at the Broadhurst watching Jude Law in Hamlet with Matt Damon, his wife Luciana Barroso (aka the luckiest bartender in the world) and Frances McDormand! MM said that right before the show was starting an usher yelled "no pictures!" at Matt when he brought his BlackBerry out to make sure it was off, which he thought was a little unnecessary seeing as how Matt has been naked in a bathtub with Jude in the The Talented Mr. Ripley and probably doesn't need a pixilated BlackBerry photo. At least we know the stars get yelled at too.

  • On Friday night Matt attended Bruce Springsteen's concert at Giants Stadium. A few Twitter reports are here and here.

  • A sighting from the New York Post:

    Matt Damon, his wife, kids, and two dogs, out for a stroll at 86th and Broadway.
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