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  • Photos of Matt filming The Adjustment Bureau in Manhattan over the weekend are at sites including PopSugar, Socialite Life, I need my fix and Bauer Griffin Online. Matt's pictured below filming in the fake rain, with his body/stunt double and walking on set with producer Chris Moore.

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  • Reports of various sightings are at People, New York Daily News, NYDN again.

    Matt Damon, grabbing orchestra seats at Broadway's Hamlet, starring Jude Law. The casually dressed actor, in a blue sweater, kept a low profile while enjoying the show with his wife, Luciana.

    Matt Damon gave a standing-o to his buddy and "Talented Mr. Ripley" co-star, Jude Law, at "Hamlet" at the Broadhurst...

    Matt Damon may be from Boston, but Friday night he was just like any other Jersey boy at Bruce Springsteen's final concert at Giants' Stadium. He blended into the pit amidst the other Springsteen die-hards while he - let's just say - "danced in the dark" with his wife and parents. And Damon isn't a fair weather fan, either, he stuck around until the entire band had packed up - despite the chilly temperatures.

  • A recent comment from Adjustment Bureau co-star Anthony Mackie.

    Next up is Anthony Mackie, who is working with Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau. What is he like as a dad?

    "The great thing about Matt is that his family comes first," Anthony tells me. "From talking to him and spending time with him, the one thing that you're always assured of is if something goes wrong with his family, he’s going to be there first. That's part of it to any good dad."

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  • Matt discussed his family with the international press (translation follows).

    Isabella and Gia Zavala Damon are his daughters with Argentinean Luciana Bozan, whom he married in 2005.

    "My Spanish is slowly improving, and my girls understand it but they do not speak it despite their grandmother, who lives with us, and their mother, speaking to them in Spanish. If I do a movie in Spain or Latin American we will be able to practice our Spanish more," Damon says.

  • Matt discussed Invictus in this report:

    Damon is looking forward to seeing the film himself. “It was a great script and a great experience, but I haven’t seen it,” he says. “I saw Clint last week and he says he’s very happy. I play the captain of the South African rugby team, Francois Pienaar. It’s a Mandela movie with all these terrific supporting parts and I’m one of them. It starts off on the first day of his presidency and is about the transition that culminates in South Africa winning the world cup. It’s a Mandela film but it’s a sports movie as well, and it’s very inspiring."

    As part of his preparation for the role, Damon learnt to appreciate rugby: "I definitely have an admiration for people who play the game. I didn’t realise how rough it was."

    The roughness meant that he couldn’t enjoy all aspects of the game. "There was no way I could go into the rucks and mauls. You can’t guarantee that you’re not going to get a broken nose and if I broke my nose, work would be shut down for two months."

    I know that Damon is a sports fan because, in April 2008, I bumped into him at a match at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. He was in London shooting the Iraq war movie Green Zone, and attended the game with his co-star, Greg Kinnear, and the film’s director, Paul Greengrass. (When Damon spotted the director Spike Lee they got into friendly banter about the relative merits of their hometown teams, the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.)

    What happens in Green Zone is being closely guarded and even now all Damon will say is: "It's coming out in March. It’s great. I’ve seen it, although they’re still finishing some of the effects, but we got a $100 million (Dh367m) Iraq war movie. Yeah! I do have high hopes for it. I know that Iraq war movies have not been particularly successful so far, but let’s see. It’s about a guy who is looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction and it’s all based on fact."

  • The French newspaper Le Figaro had an exclusive report and photos (not online) on the making of Invictus and interviewed all key personnel, including Matt (my translation follows):

    Matt: "With every role, my essential responsibility is to be totally credible", he explains to me by telephone from his New York residence, some weeks after shooting is over. "I arrived in South Africa a month before shooting began. I was anxious to meet François and to spend time in his company. To understand the man, beyond the legend that he represents for millions of fans in his country. I discovered someone of integrity, a generous man and an authentic one.

    "All of these elements I was anxious to show in my performance. Physically, I subjected myself to an intensive preparation. Rugby training and daily gym sessions to increase musculature. My only worry? The fact that François measures 1.91 meters and me 1.78 metres! But Clint reassured me: it would be enough to adjust the angles of the camera to fix the problem and make me look taller in the movie. To film with him is to attend a master class."

  • An update on box-office figures for The Informant! from the Huffington Post:

    The Informant is just shy of $30 million on a mere $22 million investment (if there is justice, the film will pick up again in January when Matt Damon gets a well-deserved Oscar nomination).
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