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Invictus, People Speak

  • A second still for Invictus has been released as part of a LA Times story on film-making in South Africa. Meanwhile, South African group Overtone recorded all songs for the trailer and have recorded eight songs for the film.

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    Opening next month will be Clint Eastwood's "Invictus," a historical drama about the upset win by South Africa in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, which helped unite blacks and whites during the crucial early months of Nelson Mandela's presidency. It stars Morgan Freeman as Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar, the team captain.

    In an interview, one of the film's producers, Lori McCreary, who also co-produced the 1993 South Africa-set film "Bopha!" -- which her Revelations Entertainment production company partner Freeman directed -- called the country "a great place to make films." Among the factors she cited were a favorable currency exchange rate, a variety of arresting shooting locations and one of Africa's deepest pools of talent. More than 200 of the 240 crew members and 62 of 70 actors who worked on "Invictus" were South African, she added.

    "The U.S. is more interested in South Africa than at any point probably since the '94 election," McCreary said. "The world is looking at South Africa." As for the coincidences of timing and subject matter between "Invictus" and this summer's World Cup, she said, "I wish I could say it was planned. I think it's fortuitous for us."

  • There's a new article about Matt at The Guardian praising Matt's career choices and status in the industry, but it's a compilation of previous articles and has no original quotes.

  • A rumor from this week's Holy Moly (British) newsletter:

    Bourne again! Get ready! Universal Pictures are planning to shoot two more Bourne films back to back next year.

  • Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum were named the equal second best films of the decade at The Times (UK).

  • Matt will be appearing with Howard Zinn at New York University on Thursday 12 November to promote The People Speak. More details here.

  • Photos of Matt with producer Chris Moore on the set of The Adjustment Bureau on Saturday are at WENN.
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