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People Speak reports, various

  • More photos and reports from the premiere of The People Speak are at I Need My Fix, here, PopSugar, here, here and here.

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  • At PopSugar Josh Brolin discussed working with Matt. A review of the True Grit script, which confirms that Matt's role will be small, is at The Playlist.

    Josh Brolin: I love Matt. We've been inter-connected for many, many, many years. And, you know we're going to work together after this too, we're doing to do True Grit together. And maybe we'll do future projects together, we'll see.

  • At this site Matt gave a shout-out to PopSugar creator Lisa (a long-time fan of Matt), and her daughters.

  • In a story at Us magazine Matt was asked about his Thanksgiving plans and Howard Zinn discussed Lucy. Matt was also asked about his family and fatherhood at In Touch.

    Matt and wife Luciana, who celebrate their fourth anniversary in December, rely on "good communication" to keep the magic in their marriage. For Luciana, who has a daughter Alexia, 11, from a previous relationship, keeping Matt happy is simple.

    "She just has to get out of bed in the morning," he says.

    For the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Matt and his brood are heading south to spend time with her family.

    "We're getting out of town for a few days, and going down to Florida."

    The People Speak writer Howard Zinn has known Matt since he was 5. What makes him a great father?

    "He hasn’t been Hollywoodized," he tells me. "He's a very straight, honest, intelligent, thoughtful, socially-conscious person. I've known him for a very long time. I love him."

    He adds, "I remember seeing him with kids before he had kids. He was always good with kids. Maybe it was because his mother was always good with him. He was raised by a single mother. She did a great job with him and his brother."

    Why is Luciana perfect for him?

    "She's not a Hollywood type, either. Not at all. She's just a human being, and she's very unassuming, modest. They're both regular people, so they’re great together."

  • There's a long article about the making of Invictus at Rugby magazine, and it includes quotes from Matt and Francois Pieanaar and a new still.

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    When Matt Damon attended Harvard University, some of his college buddies played rugby so he knew a little bit about the game before signing on to play François Pienaar in Invictus. He also knew he had to get into perhaps the best shape of his life.

    "If you talk to François, South Africa won that '95 World Cup because of their players' fitness, among other things," Damon says. "It was a sheer act of will and discipline that gave them the edge. François talked me through their training regimen and it was incredible the shape those guys were in."
    Prior to going on location, Damon spent months sprinting and lifting weights in order to bulk up and look somewhat like the 6-foot-3, 235-pound Pienaar in his playing days.

    Damon performed a lot of the action sequences, but knew when the free play started he had to let his stunt double, Jonathan Smith, step in.

    "If you're in a ruck or a maul, there's no way to predict where anybody is going to go," Damon says. "It really is a chaotic event. We couldn’t guarantee that my nose wouldn't get broken, which would shut the film down." The actor remembers how his college roommate broke his nose almost every week. "When he’d walk in the door," Damon says laughing, "my first question was, 'What minute?'"
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