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  • As leaked months ago, Matt, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are on the cover of this week's issue of Parade magazine. A few quotes and photos are currently available at the site. Freeman was named joint Best Actor and Eastwood was named Best Director by the National Board of Review today. Invictus was also named one of the best 10 films of the year by the organisation.

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    Clint: "It's fun working with young Matt."

    "He's great and does a terrific job. I'd look at him often and think, 'I wonder if I was that good when I was his age.' Chances are I wasn't. But it was fun to be vicarious and think, 'Yes, that's a role I might have done.'"

    Matt Damon: "I felt a lot of responsibility playing this role, and I came prepared, because I knew I'd have only one shot to get it right."

  • Reports from the Clint Eastwood tribute on Tuesday are here, WWD, Roger Friedman's Showbiz 411 and People. More photos from the event are at Pure People, Faded Youth Blog and PopSugar.

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    "I've kind of come to judge good jobs and directors by how my wife feels about them. My wife loves Clint Eastwood," said Damon, the first of the presenters. "Not only because her husband was happy every day when he came home, because I got to do what I wanted to do, the way I wanted to do it and felt completely fulfilled creatively but because I had breakfast with her and the kids every morning and dinner with them every night. I never felt I was sacrificing family life or my work it was the perfect blend. And that’s the life I hope I can carve out for myself as I go forward."

  • Friedman also talked with Matt about Bourne 4. An amusing take on the saga by the Guardian is here.

    Star Matt Damon tells me he isn’t going ahead with the fourth "Bourne" movie without director Paul Greengrass.

    "I'm waiting for Paul," Damon told me last night at the "Invictus" premiere for the Museum of the Moving Image. "And he'll come back when there's a script."

  • New Australian interviews with Matt to promote The Informant are at The West and The Age.

    "I'd like to say I have some great story about deceiving everybody and getting away with it, but I don't," Damon, flashing his baby blues, says with a smile at the Venice Film Festival. "As my brother and I were growing up, my mum would make us feel so guilty. So we never felt the need to lie to her."

    As if to tarnish his wholesome image, Damon explains how he had been celebrating the night before.

    "My God, we were up till six in the morning," he says, scratching his head and gulping down a full glass of Evian water after a night of heavy drinking with his buddies, including George Clooney.

    "Yes it was a big night," he concedes, in the salubrious surrounds of the celebrity Venice haunt, the Hotel Cipriani.

    "But I'm only here a couple of days. This afternoon my wife and I fly back to New York to see our kids, who we left behind for the first time. They're with their grandmother but it's been strange being without them. Even if it's very romantic here, there's always that thing when you're not used to being away from your kids - you just talk about them the whole time. So it's romantic but we have to remind ourselves."

  • Photos of Matt on the set of The Adjustment Bureau on Wednesday are at PopSugar. A photo of Matt with the New York Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda is linked on Lasorda's Twitter.
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