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Christmas in Miami

  • Photos of Matt jogging near his home in Miami on Tuesday are at PopSugar, E Online and here.

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  • The Informant! will be released on DVD and BluRay on 23 February 2010. Extras include a commentary with Steven Soderbergh and writer Scott Z Burns and deleted scenes.

  • Critic Richard Roeper listed The Informant! in his favourite films of the year.

    10. "The Informant!"
    One of the most entertaining movies of the year -- especially if you get a bigger kick out of a well-delivered line of dialogue than another CGI explosion. I'm not sure why filmgoers didn't respond to Steven Soderbergh's offbeat satirical satire, based on true events. Matt Damon packed on the pounds, sported a cheesy mustache and created one of the most original characters of the year: Mark Whitacre, a corporate whistleblower/compulsive liar who is scary-smart and amazingly dim, sometimes in the same moment.

  • Matt talked about his culturally diverse family in this video at YouTube, including:

    "My daughters are English, Swedish, Scottish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, French, Argentinean and American. That says everything I think about this country and what it’s supposed to be about."

  • Actor Ben Stiller's challenge to Matt to help him build a school in Haiti is also at YouTube.

  • A revealing article with Matt, which is a version of an article previously linked, is here.

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  • An interview with Marguerite Wheatley, who plays Matt's girlfriend in Invictus, is here.

  • Matt attended the second last performance of Kenneth Lonergan's play in New York last week - from the NY Post:

    Seeing Matthew Broderick in "The Starry Messenger" last Friday was the starry audience of Matt Damon and Jules Feiffer...

  • Matt was third on a list of favourite male celebrities of the year at PopEater.

    On the men's side, Depp earned 29 percent of over 58K votes. George Clooney followed him closely with 24 percent and Matt Damon rounded out the top three with 15%.
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