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PBS project, 'Departed' start date

  • Hal Weiner, one of the Journey to Planet Earth filmmakers, talks about Matt's involvement in the project at the Times Picayune:

    Damon's role in this long-term project is "a pretty active collaboration," Hal Weiner said. "He just doesn't sit there and read the script.

    "He's a concerned citizen just like everybody else, and particularly sensitive to the plight of the average person. I think he thought he had a chance to do something and bring awareness. He's interested in educating the public.

    "What's great about Matt is that he's Harvard-educated and an Oscar-winning writer. And a genuinely very, very good guy. All the good press you read about Matt is true."

  • Matt won't attend Opening Day at Fenway Park due to The Departed rehearsals in NY - info from the Boston Herald.

  • Meanwhile, filming for The Departed won't commence until 26 April. Details here.

    At An Evening with Scorsese, he informed us that shooting on his new film, THE DEPARTED, will begin shooting on April 26th. "It’s about the Irish underworld today," Scorsese said. "The first present day film I’ve done in 20 years, so I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

    He spoke in that Scorsese style, like Woody Allen on crack, but feeling relaxed with the crowd he alluded to being snubbed by the Academy Awards while answering an audience question. "I think there are too many awards and too many award shows," he said to a round of applause.

  • Anthony Anderson talked about his role in The Departed to

    In March, talk of the Scorsese gig hit the trades, and soon Anderson found himself deep in A-list territory opposite Damon, DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson.

    "If we come anywhere close to doing what they did in the original, I think this is going to go through the roof," says Anderson of the film, a remake of a 2002 Hong Kong flick about a rivalry between the Boston police force and an Irish-American gang. Of his role, Anderson says: "Leonardo DiCaprio, myself and Matt Damon, we all come up through the police force together. I’m one of the police officers. They go in their different directions as moles."

  • As mentioned in the photo caption below, Matt and Lucy attended two U2 concerts in Anaheim last week. Here's a snippet from a story on the official U2 website.

    Nearing Los Angeles, maybe it’s no surprise that the celeb quotient is nudging up and tonight it took a little leap. Matt Damon (second night running) was cheering and singing along like a hardcore fan – and nearby was Owen Wilson, Jon Voigt, Rick Rubin and Tom Morello of Audioslave. And then there was someone who knows a thing or two about a rockband on the road: screenwriter, Cameron Crowe, wrote, amongst other things, Almost Famous, which – getting a bit nerdy now - was partly filmed at the I-Pay One Center in San Diego, where the opening two shows on the tour were played.

  • Thanks to Sandi for a recent magazine scan of Matt and Lucy in LA.

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