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London candids, Hereafter

  • Photos of Matt leaving Nobu Berkeley in London with friends including Terry Rigarlsford on Friday night are at WENN, Just Jared and Zimbio. The London premiere of Invictus is on Sunday.

  • A report about how Matt had to get a forklift operator certificate for Hereafter is here.

    Was Matt Damon reduced to getting a forklift operator certificate to get a job? It's true, an insider disclosed this week to The Enquir ... um, The Eye. More accurately, the training was for a role.

    Damon plays in the Clint Eastwood-directed film "Hereafter," a "supernatural thriller" from Warner Bros. scheduled for release about 11 months from now.

    Damon, Eastwood and Co. — about 125 people in all — were in Crockett on Jan. 19 to film scenes in the warehouse at the C&H Sugar refinery. Damon plays a forklift operator at a flour mill and required no instruction in using the machinery, said C&H compliance manager Steve Ball.

    "He had actually taken a class and was certified by the state to drive a forklift in an industrial plant in California," Bell said, adding that C&H did brief the actor on standard safety procedures at the plant.

  • Another report on Matt's American Cinematheque Award is at the Hollywood Reporter:

    Matt Damon has been selected to receive the 24th American Cinematheque Award, which will be presented to him on March 27 at a dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    The annual fundraiser recognizes an artist -- actor, director or writer -- who is in the midst of a career "making a significant contribution to the art of the motion picture."

    "Matt is the epitome of an American Cinematheque award honoree in that he is currently making an extraordinary contribution to the art of the motion picture, yet, his career best may be yet to come," American Cinematheque chairman Rick Nicita said. "His choice of projects ranges from daring independents to commercial megahits, which have been received with both public and critical acclaim."

  • Interviews with Matt on the set of School Ties are here.

  • Reports from the SAG Awards are at People and E Online.

    For Matt Damon, who lost the SAG Award for his role in Invictus, the best part of his night was "just seeing my wife in that dress."

    E Online
    NO. 1 FAN: Matt Damon, swarmed by giddy girls and an equally giddy Anthony Mackie, at the Grey Goose-sponsored official afterparty for the SAG Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown L.A.

  • A great interview with Matt is at, but note that the interview is from early December - excerpts below are about upcoming film projects only.

    You’re set to star in the remake of True Grit. Did you love the book, the original film, or was it the lure of the Coen brothers as directors?
    The Coen brothers. I’d remake the phone book with those guys. I have been dying to work with them. I worked with Joel 15 years ago in a little TNT movie, a cable movie. And so I met Joel back then but there hadn’t been a role for me. Now one has finally come up. It’s those guys and it is really based on the Charles Portis novel, which is a great book. I read this dialogue, and it is unbelievable, and the Coens said it is all from the book. Portis lives in Arkansas and just has an ear for the way these people spoke. Jeff Bridges is in it and Josh Brolin is going to be in it, so it’s going to be great fun.

    And you’re doing another film with Eastwood, called Hereafter...
    Yes. Hereafter is terrific. It is beautiful. Peter Morgan [Frost/Nixon, The Damned United] wrote the script and I am really excited about it. It’s great. And it’s another one of those jobs where I am going to be done in a month. The biggest problem with Clint’s movies is that they don’t last long enough.
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