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New Soderbergh project, Hereafter

  • Variety reports that Matt and Jude Law have signed on to a new film titled Contagion to be directed by Steven Soderbergh and scripted by Scott Z Burns. Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet are also in talks to join the cast. Further details are at The Playlist and a previous report about the script (based on an idea which came up during the filming of The Informant!) is also at The Playlist. The Liberace project will be delayed and is now scheduled to film in early 2011.

    So just how good is Scott Z. Burns' "Contagion" script? It's so good that Steven Soderbergh decided to push everything else aside to fast track it for a fall start. An action-thriller about the outbreak of a deadly virus, from what we've heard, Burns' script is a multi-strand film not unlike the Academy award-winning "Traffic" that Soderbergh helmed in 2000. Our sources tell us the story takes place over four continents and is "terrifying."

    The project has attracted the likes of Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard who all have deals closing to star in the film. With the cast in place, Soderbergh and his people are now shopping the project around town with co-financing already in place from Participant Productions.

  • Photos from the set of Hereafter on Monday are at WENN, ICYDK and I need my fix. Reports now claim Hereafter either finished filming on Monday or will finish today. Screenwriter Peter Morgan submitted a photo of himself with Matt on set to Vogue UK. The Green Zone press conference is also scheduled for today.

  • At the Guardian's Football Weekly podcast, journo Raphael Honigstein claims Matt visited the Chelsea rooms after the game on Sunday and took a photo with player Michael Ballack (often described as a Matt lookalike). Quote Honigstein: 'All the Chelsea players were convinced they were long lost twins.'
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