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Projects, Green Zone

  • Matt may play Robert F Kennedy in a biopic to be directed by Gary Ross, if he approves of the script, according to Deadline.

  • James Cameron confirms that Matt turned down the lead role in Avatar, but says he never wanted him for the role.

  • A sighting of Matt in Miami last Friday from the Miami Herald.

  • Matt's former assistant Trinette Faint has released a novel about the life of a celebrity assistant. A report from the Boston Globe is here, and the Boston Herald has an article about her former life here, and an article about Matt's similarities with the fictional character.

    •Caleb Christopher is a big tipper, giving a valet $20 and leaving a 50 percent tip on a $180 meal. Damon, too, was generous. "I’m sure he still is," said Faint. "He was a very, very good tipper all the time - no matter what the service was like."

    • Groupies follow Christopher as intently as fans followed Damon.
    "It always fascinated me how girls made it their business to know where he’d be," Faint said. "We’d go to some event and there were just girls. Not to say he engaged in the behavior, but there were always women who knew when the planes landed, and that kind of information."

    • In the book, Christopher navigates a groupie who borders on being a stalker, and Faint recalled one girl who sent Damon a few too many photographs. “She was showing up on a film set and we had to inform security."

  • The Green Zone premiere is on Thursday night in New York. Readers can submit questions for an 'Unscripted' interview with Matt and Greg Kinnear at Moviefone. Matt and Paul Greengrass will attend a discussion about the film at New York's Apple store in Soho on Friday - details here.
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