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2010 Academy Awards

  • Matt and Lucy attended the Oscar ceremony on Sunday with Alexia and Lucy's mother. They did not attend any after-parties. Matt lost the Best Supporting Actor award to Christoph Waltz, and presented the Best Documentary Feature award to The Cove. Matt wore a Salvatore Ferragamo suit and Lucy's dress was by Christian Lacroix. Photos are from Zimbio.

  • A quote from Matt about his family attending the ceremony is at ET, with a report from early in the ceremony at People. Other Twitter postings are below, but note the Extra comment has not been verified.

    Another nominee who had his kids on his mind was Matt Damon, who said of his daughters, "Actually, somewhere around here my mother-in-law has our 11-year-old, and the little ones are home with the other grandma."

    Matt Damon took a champagne break with his wife, Luciana. The two shared glasses of bubbly and hung out with best supporting actor nominee Stanley Tucci, who happily toasted Christoph Waltz for winning the Best Supporting Actor award.

    Stanley Tucci and Matt Damon went straight to the bar after losing. Bought each other a drink and toasted their loss.

    Damon and Tucci are back at the bar. When asked if they're going back into the theater, they both say, "No!." Damon adds, "We're done."

    Matt Damon: "I loved the documentary 'The Cove' and I loved Meryl and Stanley together in Julie and Julia.

    Matt Damon: "I loved 'Hurt Locker' and just worked with Anthony Mackie. I thought it's a shame he was overlooked."

    Matt Damon: "I'm not crazy about the ten best pictures but I'm not going to get worked up over it."

    Ben Lyons of E!
    @iamBenLyons: Matt Damon just told me that while he was presenting, Clooney was heckling him from the front row! Ha! Go to @THEDAILY10

    Matt Damon tells @Extra about his wife and baby on way. Says he and #Oscar-nominee George Clooney will be "at the bar."

    Katrina of The Nation
    Matt Damon just organized Hollywood memorial for Howard Zinn

  • On Saturday Matt attended the private Night Before party and charity event. A report on the agent's party on Friday is at E!.

    Jennifer Garner looking toned in black and rather Alias-like accompanied hubby Ben Affleck at the event, and she didn't say hi to JT at all. Instead Garner was all smiles again as she hung by Ben's side. All good in paradise? Uh, hardly babes. Affleck was happiest when he was next to...

    Matt Damon, who "looked adorable." It's always refreshing to see a Hollywood friendship that lasts!

    "Matt and Ben were laughing and smiling the whole night," a source at the party tells us. "Damon, who rarely let go of wife Luciana's hand, held court next to Ben most of the party."

  • A cameo from Matt closed a new skit by Jimmy Kimmel, available to US readers at YouTube, or to all readers at The Sun.

  • An interview with Paul Greengrass at the Guardian is here. An interview with Matt will air on UK program GMTV on Monday morning.
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