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Interviews, Oscars

  • Charlie Rose aired an interview with Matt and Paul Greengrass on Monday's show. The interview will be available at the show's website. Matt will be interviewed on Australia's 7pm Project on Thursday, and the GMTV interview aired in the UK on Tuesday morning.

  • Another photo from the Oscar arrivals is below.

  • Another report from Friday's party from People:

    Also doing some pre-Oscar partying: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were among the 700 guests at Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel's Brentwood, Calif., home for his annual party. The cute couple held hands, staying close to each other all night while hanging with pal Matt Damon who was celebrating with wife Luciana. Party guests enjoyed champagne, sushi and Crumbs cupcakes.

  • In a German interview at VIP, Matt talks about how he is trying to do all of his media interviews now in New York, film all projects close to NY, and how he has a rule to never be away from his family for more than two weeks.

  • On Oprah's special after the Oscars, Jeff Bridges said that rehearsals for True Grit will start on Tuesday in Santa Fe. On the show Matt was also interviewed backstage by Nate Berkus and said his favorite moment was Geoffrey Fletcher's win for adapted screenplay. Matt and 'Fletch' were dorm-mates at Harvard in Matt's freshman year.
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