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Wahlberg rumbles, new digs

  • This will not encourage good relations on the set of The Departed with rehearsals starting this week – from the NY Daily News about Mark Wahlberg’s comments in a new Details magazine interview:

    And if Wahlberg makes his own movie about Boston - hello, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck! - "it's going to be about more than a f-- kid doing math, you know what I mean?"

  • From the NY Post:

    We hear... that Matt Damon has bought a house in the Miami area where he will live with his girlfriend of the past year, single mother Luciana "Lucy" Barroso. The couple was spotted shopping for furniture last weekend at the Design Center of the Americas in nearby Dania Beach.

  • And from People magazine:

    NOBU, MIAMI BEACH April 9 A dressed-down Matt Damon and girlfriend Luciana Barroso go almost unnoticed in a group of 12 at the Shore Club Hotel restaurant.

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