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  • Matt discussed the Robert Kennedy project and other topics at the Inquirer:

    Sporting gray hair now but still looking boyish (he will probably be described boyish for many more years), Matt, 39, said, "My kids keep me in shape. But they are also giving me a lot of gray hair."

    Paul said that you are one of the great physical actors. How strong are you in real life?
    I try to exercise a lot. Oftentimes, just following the three little kids around is plenty of exercise already.

    How do you reward yourself for all the success you’ve had?
    The cheeseburgers at the Shake Shack.

    Do you celebrate in any particular way?
    Not really. But eating something good is about as crazy as I get. My wife and I love to eat so if we can justify it in any way – "Hey, the movie opened and it did really well. Let’s go get something good to eat." "Hey, the movie opened and it bombed. Let’s go get something good to eat (laughter)."

    Can you talk about your next Clint Eastwood movie?
    It's called "Hereafter." It felt really good when we shot it. I think it’s going to be good. It consists of three different stories dealing with death. It’s kind of a supernatural thriller involving a Frenchwoman who is a journalist in a tsunami and has a near-death experience; twin boys in London, one of whom dies and the other becomes obsessed over where his brother went; and I’m the third person, a psychic who lives in San Francisco. These stories converge at the end of the movie. It’s really beautiful. Peter Morgan wrote the script. I really have high hopes for that one.

  • Matt discussed Lucy's cooking in this brief video interview.

  • Matt started filming True Grit in New Mexico early last week, and had a visit from local sheriff Greg Solano on set.

  • By Thursday Matt was back in New York and seen with Lucy and their kids at Central Park.
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