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More Cinematheque photos, reports

  • More articles and photos from the Cinematheque event are at Lainey Gossip, Anne Thompson's column, The Fab Life, Extra, ET Online, Access Hollywood, AH part 2 and AH part 3. In the last video host Shaun Robinson talks to Matt about Lucy - transcript below:

    Shaun Robinson: Your lovely wife is here tonight. Hi.
    Matt: She’s hiding.
    Shaun: Tell me: how deserving is he of this award.
    Matt: There’s no way she’s going to answer that!
    Lucy: Very.
    Shaun: She did!
    Matt: She likes to be in the background, you know what I mean. She’s not... She’s here for me. She’s the best.
    Shaun: She’s beautiful. Gorgeous.
    Matt: Yeah, in every way. She’s amazing.
    Shaun: You’re a very lucky man.
    Matt: More than you can possibly know.

  • There's also video from AP, including the following quote about his life and career:

    "If my kids are proud of me that would have been a life well lived."

  • Other photos are below, including Matt with Clint Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Robin Williams and Harvey Weinstein.

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