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30 Rock guest spot

  • Matt will be appearing on at least one episode of sitcom 30 Rock. The news was first announced by Michael Ausiello at, with more details at Zap2it - spoilers below.

    NBC confirmed Wednesday (March 31) that "30 Rock" is booking Matt Damon to appear in an episode later this season, but sources tell Korbi TV that Liz Lemon may be getting some loving from him too! And we've got the details.

    Seems Damon will play a commercial airline pilot whom Liz (Tina Fey) meets in this May's finale.

    The character is apparently a big "TGS" fan and the episodes are a regular part of his in-flight entertainment. The two will hit it off and their relationship won't be a one-ep wonder. Damon is set to return when "30 Rock"'s fifth season debuts this fall.

  • New details about Matt's role in Contagion are available at The Playlist. In the film Matt will be married to Gwyneth Paltrow's character.

  • Matt talked about his plans for Easter at ET:

    "We'll definitely get the kids a little high on chocolate and hide some eggs around and make it fun... particularly for the younger ones, they really get a kick out of it."
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