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Adjustment Bureau photos

  • The first official stills from The Adjustment Bureau are at Movie Jungle.

  • A detailed report on the Boston memorial service for Howard Zinn is at

    Matt Damon’s mother, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, longtime neighbor of the Zinns and author of "Taking Back Childhood," spoke next. Howard Zinn taught us, she said, that "you can see all the pain and the injustice, and you can do everything to fight for freedom and justice, and you still make people laugh. You bring joy and justice into every moment."

    Matt Damon then rose to offer words of comfort, he said. He related a conversation his mom had with Howard a few months before he died. "I’m ready to go," Zinn told her. "I have no fear. I’ve had a good life." And Damon said that when Howard had the heart attack in the swimming pool in Santa Monica, the person who attended to him asked, "Do you need an ambulance?" And Howard said, "No, I’m OK," and then, said Damon, "he closed his eyes."

    Chris Moore, the co-producer of "Good Will Hunting" and the producer of "American Pie," retraced the long path that led to "The People Speak." He regaled the audience with stories of how Zinn would flat-out reject the demands of Hollywood financiers that he simply showcase instances where the people won great victories. It's rare in Hollywood to leave a lot of money on the table, Moore said. Finally, when Moore came to Zinn and said they’d just make the film first and sell it later, Howard said, "It's about time! You guys have the power to do it. You can do it the right way."

  • Photos of Matt outside the Charles Hotel in Boston last Sunday are at PictureBoston.

  • Matt may have been asked to become a UN spokesperson for water issues - from NBC New York.

    Matt Damon is a wanted man -- by the U.N.

    The Oscar winner and star of the recently released "Green Zone" is being courted by United Nations to become the new voice of the Global Water Crisis, according to the CEO and President of Friends of the United Nations.

    "We need to find a voice for the Global Water Crisis and that's where we think Matt Damon would be an excellent fit," Dr. Noel Brown, head of the organization, told Niteside at the closing night ceremony on New York's 1st annual Artivist Film Festival.
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